NLnet Grant Update and Conferences

Alexander Soto

May 15, 2024

In a previous update, I shared that we were selected for a grant from the NLnet Foundation. We're happy to report that we've completed the grant's milestones. We've created a video below discussing our achievements and updates on our engineer prototype.

In addition to the video, we've updated the README of the Glider repository. The README contains information related to the project and a comprehensive primer on e-ink. Thank you, Wenting, for your work and for making it available to everyone.

With our milestones behind us, we've been engaging with the community and attending various conferences. These events have been a great opportunity for us to share what we're working on and meet and learn from others!

In February, I had the privilege of attending FOSDEM 2024. I presented two talks in the Open Source DesignOpen Hardware, and CAD/CAM dev rooms. If you haven't already done so, I encourage you to check out the recorded talks and slides!

In April, as part of Latch-Up 2024, Wenting gave a talk titled Caster: "An Open-source E-Ink Controller." Check out the accompanying video below.

In May, I attended the Open Hardware Summit 2024. It was great to see familiar faces and new ones, and I also had the opportunity to show our engineering prototype to some of the attendees!

Image of Open Hardware Summit 2024

So what's coming up? Next week, I'll be traveling to Valencia, Spain, to give a talk at Congreso esLibre. If you happen to be at the event or nearby, stop by. I'd be happy to chat and show you the demo of our prototype!

Image of Congreso esLibre 2024

Also, if you are in the Boston or Cambridge area and are interested in seeing our prototype, email alex[at] so we can set up a meeting!


Alexander Soto